Services – Purchase and storage of components

As an EMS partner we support our customers with full electronics assembly services in succesfully meeting their business targets.

Let the task be prototyping, the manufacturing of unique samples, small- or large serial manufacturing, ElektroMont Kft. offers its customers a wide range of high-quality services. These services cover purchase of components and the whole manufacturing process of the final product. As we are an EMS partner, depending from the requirements our cooperation in work can start already in the planning and development phase. This cooperation lasts outside our manufacturing services as well. We aim to provide our partners high-quality services ensuring them their products are in our safe hands from the first steps. This kind of partnership enables them to focus on other value-adding business processes.

Purchase of components and PCB

We purchase the surface-mount (SM), through-hole (TH) and the mechanical componentes necessary for the manufacturing based on the BoM list approved by our customer. Besides this and upon request of our partner the printed circuit boards (PCB) can also be purchased by us.

Our logistics team has built up stable and strong connections with several global and reliable suppliers during the past 20 years. Therefore we ensure flexible component purchasing alternatives from different sources enabling a cost-optimised and efficient supply of the necessary material. With the support of our supplier partners the PCB, electronic- and other types of components, housings, cables and other materials necessary for the assembly of the electronic devices are delivered on time in the expected quality and volume.

In order to meet the continuously increasing cutomer requirements and the challenges given by the changing market tendencies our team widens the network of suppliers with new qualified partners annually.

Storage of components and final products

Our own ESD protected warehouses inside the plant building used for electronic component storage give opportunity for the separated storage of even large components, semi-final or final products in the short- and in the long-run as well. In addition to this our external warehouse is able to store large volumes of components and assembled products on pallets. With our several warehousing services we provide our customers significant flexibility in the optimised service of their needs.

Stock management is supported by Prodosoft ERP-system enabling the continuous monitoring of the moving of components within the plant.

More information on the benefits of using Prodosoft ERP-system. (Hungarian only!)

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