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As an EMS partner we support our customers with full electronics assembly services in succesfully meeting their business targets.

Let the task be prototyping, the manufacturing of unique samples, small- or large serial manufacturing, ElektroMont Kft. offers its customers a wide range of high-quality services. These services cover the whole manufacturing process of the final product. As we are an EMS partner, depending from the requirements our cooperation in work can start already in the planning and development phase. This cooperation lasts outside our manufacturing services as well. We aim to provide our partners high-quality services ensuring them their products are in our safe hands from the first steps. This kind of partnership enables them to focus on other value-adding business processes.

PCB Rework

Rework (repair works) of printed circuit boards already assembled with SM- and TH-components is implemented by our properly educated professionals in each case.
During the PCB rework process we take extra care about not causing any damage to the already assembled surface-mount, through-hole or other kinds of components or the PCB itself, while removing, changing or additionally soldering of the given components.
PCB rework
While doing PCB rework, we provide the following services upon individual customer requests:
  • exchange of the already assembled components on PCBs necessary because of non-compliance, damage or any kind of failure of a component;

  • additional soldering of any components;

  • exchange of the BGA;

  • repair of soldering faults (e.g. improper solderings, bridges etc.) .

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