Our manufacturing plant being in our ownership since 2018
is located in the ElektroMont industrial park in Pásztó

The manufacturing activity is carried out on an ESD-protected 2,500 sqm territory equipped with 3 identical and fully automated SMT-lines.
Besides SMT production our manufacturing hall is giving place for manual and automated THT assembling and for providing other assembling services, conformal coating and additional services as well.  Due to the capacity of the industrial park the plant is suitable for further expansion depending on future demand and market tendencies.

Elektromont warehouse - Pásztó

Own warehouses enable the flexible handling of customer needs

Our own warehouses located inside the plant building having a total size of 300 sqm provide place for the separated storage of components and products. Besides the internal location ElektroMont owns a warehouse outside the plant building having a size of 500 sqm able to give place for 184 pieces of pallets.

Our external warehouse enable the storage of huge volumes of components or even final products as well. Our expandable warehousing capacities ensure a significant flexibility in the optimised service of our customers’ needs.

Should you be interested in a plant visit, you are welcome!

Our plant is open for our customers and for those interested in outsourcing a manufacturing process. We are ready to introduce our manufacturing lines, our activities and our colleagues working in SM, TH and other assembling areas or other related fields following an appointment.

Should you be interested, please contact us HERE, our colleagues will contact you soon.

Elektromont manufacturing plant SM line - Pásztó
Manufacturing plant: max. 1.5 million components per day

SM assembly:
max. 1.5 million components daily

Manufacturing plant: 3 automated SM lines

3 automated SM manufacturing lines

Manufacturing plant: 4 AOI

4 AOI equipments

Manufacturing plant: X-Ray

X-Ray equipment

Manufacturing plant: 25 TH workstations

25 TH workstations

Manufacturing plant: 2 wave soldering

2 wave soldering machines

Manufacturing plant: selective soldering

selective soldering machine

Gyártóüzem számokban: gőzfázisú forrasztó

vapour-phase soldering machine

Manufacturing plant: box build

20 mechanical- and box-build stations

Gyártóüzem számokban: automata lakkozó

automated coating line

Discover the high-quality electronics solutions for your business!
1,700 sqm manufacturing plant, modern SMT-lines, full ESD protection, THT assembly, conformal coating, storage options and more from ElektroMont!


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