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Our company being in 100% Hungarian ownership is the key professional player
of the domestic contract manufacturer market in electronics since 18 years.

Our customers benefit from the prototyping, small- and large serial electronics manufacturing services provided by Elektromont, their reliable EMS partner. Besides surface-mount assembly (SMT) and through-hole assembly (THT) several additional services are offered to our customers. Continuous service and manufacturing capacity and capability improvements and professional development of employees help us to comply with customer expectations up to the highest level. A wide range of high-quality services keeping up with the continuously changing market tendencies are provided to our partners. As an electronics contract manufacturer we ensure individual solutions for the complex electronics manufacturing needs of our customers. In order to ensure high quality the common work starts already in the planning phase. We prefer long-term cooperation and partnership and provide flexibility in the fulfillment of assembling needs.

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Our main profile is surface-mount assembly (SMT) and manual or automated through-hole soldering (THT) of printed circuit boards (PCB). Besides the assembling of components based on individual needs we offer our customers testing, programming and mechanical assembly services as well. Our integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, a modern manufacturing technology background, a global component supplier network and our complete process management system support the production of the highest quality products.

From prototyping to serial production.
ElektroMont – the European electronics contract manufacturer partner!


Besides our Hungarian customers, we managed to develop stable, active and long-term partnerships worldwide in several market segments in the past 15 years. We are proud to serve several markets outside Europe; we continuously deliver manufactured products to the USA and to Asian markets as well. As an EMS partner, in the future we aim to participate in several value-adding projects in terms of sustainability according to the expectations of and in common development with our customers.

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ElektroMont – partner in electronics!


ElektroMont – your reliable EMS partner

In order that we can maintain the high-level customer service and to keep up with the changing market tendencies, continuous development is of high importance for us.

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