Services – Planning and optimisation of manufacturing

As an EMS partner we support our customers with full electronics assembly services in succesfully meeting their business targets.

Let the task be prototyping, the manufacturing of unique samples, small- or large serial manufacturing, ElektroMont Kft. offers its customers a wide range of high-quality services. These services cover the whole manufacturing process of the final product. As we are an EMS partner, depending from the requirements our cooperation in work can start already in the planning and development phase. This cooperation lasts outside our manufacturing services as well. We aim to provide our partners high-quality services ensuring them their products are in our safe hands from the first steps. This kind of partnership enables them to focus on other value-adding business processes.

Planning and optimisation of manufacturing

We support our customers from the first steps in order that the development of the manufacturable product can happen with respect to efficient assembling solutions thus being implemented.

Optimisation of manufacturing done by our experienced professionals contributes to high-quality, to the increasing of efficiency in manufacturing processes and the optimal utilisation of production capacities. Besides this it shortens manufacturing process thus contributing to the significant increase in productability.

Should there arise a need for the involvement of extra development capacities, our cooperation partners stay at our disposal in this issue as well.

Validation of  manufacturing processes

Following the closing of the development phase – if there is no final and validated assembling process existing yet – our professionals do the finalisation work of the manufacturing documentation. As we have already experienced, assembling technology is not a primary aspect during the development period. Processes considered as ready for implementation during the planning phase it not always working perfectly in real circumstances according to the preliminary plans. Thus mainly prior to the assembling of mechanical components or final products we do the assembling of exemplars.

As soon as the final process description is at our disposal, prototyping or serial production can be started.

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