Latest electronics assembly technologies for perfect soldering quality

ElektroMont Kft. uses the latest electronics assembly technologies available while implementing high-quality electronics manufacturing upon customer needs.

While using the latest soldering and electronics assembly technologies our customers can benefit from the high-quality and cost-efficient services provided. In order to ensure the manufacturing of products of high quality, ESD-protection is of vital importance for us, therefore we are working in a fully ESD-protected environment in the entire manufacturing plant.

Upon the individual request of our customers and the size of the given components we apply different soldering and electronics assembly technologies while implementing the manufacturing of electronic devices. Our entire manufacturing process involves basically lead-free solutions and materials, but based on special demand, leaded soldering of your electronic devices can also be provided.

Besides the standard SMT- and the traditional THT assembling, each manufactured product undergoes a so called automated optical inspection (AOI) in each case, in order to ensure perfect soldering quality. Upon individual request of a customer the assembled printed circuit boards (PCB) undergo an X-Ray inspection as well. Programming and testing, surface handling (conformal coating) of the manufactured electronic device or even assembling of a final product  are provided by the experienced ElektroMont staff as extra services as well.

An overall administration process implemented upon the final manufacturing documentation accompany the use of different technologies  and the whole manufacturing process based on our strict quality management system prescriptions.

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Optical (AOI) and
X-Ray inspection




Testing and






In order that we can properly utilise the electronics assembly technologies available and ensure high-quality services:

  • An air conditioned manufacturing hall ensuring a regulated humidity level as well gives place to our entire electronics assembling activity.

  • Our manufacturing hall and warehouses are fully ESD protected.

  • Strict quality assurance policy and process management support our work.

  • We apply multi-level inspection processes in case of each product manufactured.

  • Modern machine park enable quick manufacturing and efficient utilisation of different electronics assembly technologies.

  • The entire work process is supported by the Prodosoft ERP system.

  • We ensure the continuous professional development of our employees.

The best electronics assembly technologies for perfect quality PCBs!
Lead-free SMT and THT soldering, AOI- and X-Ray inspection, conformal coating and final product assembly.
Reliable ElektroMont solutions!