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PCB assembly services from Planning through Manufacturing to Delivery

PCB assembly planning


PCB assembly optimisation

Optimisation of Manufacturing

Purchase of components for PCB assembly

Purchase of Components

Electronics assembly prototyping


Serial PCB assembly

Serial Production

Electronics assembly - Box building

Box Building

PCB assembly and Rework


Additional PCB assembly services

Additional Services

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We provide the necessary support!

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if you are looking for a reliable EMS partner!

PCB assembly on the highest level!

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Fully automated SMT assembling of electronic devices
with no human touch

Should you need electronics contract manufacturing, prototyping, the assembling of small series or mass production, our three up-to-date and fully automated SMT-lines guarantee the soldering quality according to IPC standard.

Our modern assembling devices enable the precise manufacturing processes of even 750,000 pcs of SM-components per shift.

Our reflow ovens operated under nitrogen atmosphere ensure the highest quality in soldering components onto one- or double sided printed circuit boards as well.



PCB assembly - surface-mounting

Complex multi-level control processes for perfect soldering quality

Following surface-mount PCB assembly each circuit board undergoes an automated optical inspection. Our AOI devices equipped with high-resolution 3D cameras control the quality of soldering and the position, polarity and values of SM-components.

For the case of non-visible soldering points we apply the X-Ray inspection process. X-Ray inspection enables the quality check of the hidden manufacturing deficiencies of earlier manufactured circuit boards as well.



PCBA - AOI inspection

Assembling and soldering of TH-components

While manufacturing small series or soldering a low volume of through-hole components we apply the manual soldering technology.

Besides manual PCB assembly we offer our customers the following cost-efficient automated soldering solutions:

  • wave soldering technology used for the quick and precise assembling of high volumes of TH-components;
  • selective soldering used for the case of prototyping, small serial production or special components.



PCB assembly - manual soldering, through-hole soldering

Functional testing and upload of individual software

Our qualified technicians provide the operation of the testing environment ensured by our customers or developed by ElektroMont.
The provided special software used for this purposes is uploaded by us as well.

We manage the documentation of the test results upon individual needs, make them available in the cloud and ensure remote access if necessary.



Conformal coating

Conformal coating is applied in order to prevent assembled circuit boards from moisture, heat and different kinds of contamination and to ensure long-term protection from mechanical impacts. The properly used coating improves the resistance of both the circuit boards and the assembled components as well.

The technology used enables the full or partial protection of the boards by manual work or by automated means of the procedure increasing the efficiency of mass production.



Assembling of tailor-made cables, special parts or even full devices

Upon customer needs individual cable confectioning, cable assembling or additional assembling services are povided by ElektroMont.

Full mechanical assembling, box building and final assembling of products are executed as well fastening the marketing of these products.



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